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by some dark ones a discredited regime is still a of violently clinging to power in syria though the pressure against it is increasing dramatically each day. i want to condemn in the strongest possible terms the assad regime's murder and torture of children that the u.n. reported this week in geneva. , buts conduct --assad's has brought scorn, pressure, and punishing sanctions not just by the united states and europe but now by the arab league and turkey as well. in addition, the continued to drive has developed nuclear capabilities. this includes troubling enrichment activities and past work on what position that has now been documented by the iaea and it's continued support for groups like hezbollah, hamas, and other terrorist organizations, makes clear that tehran is a grave threat to all of us. all of this upheaval is posing new challenges for israel regarding its security and position in the region. in this time of understandable anxiety, i would like to underscore one thing that has stayed constant the past three years of this administration -- the determination of the unit
is the boss. >> as you may know, [unintelligible] the play a nato force of the coast of syria. population reduction. . . because he is the one person i know of in the u.s. government who was committed to such a war. his own military has gone to him and warned him do not attack syria or iran. would you take action through impeachment or the amendment or a person plinl unstable? >> the question is would i encourage to do that if i ap dotted your premise the answer would by hope i would have the courage to do so. i don't adopt your premise. i think your premise is dead wrong. i think president obama has no intent to go to war either with syria or iran. i will tell you, however, that i believe that iran is a very, very dangerous entity in today's world. it is head bid mr. ahmadinajed who has made it very clear that he wish it is destruction of israel, destruction of some of his neighbors in the middle east and destruction of america. and he is seeking nuclear weapons. the entire world is concerned about that not just president obama the united nations is concerned about that effort by mr. ahm
and syria, we established diplomatic relationships with president assad and called him a reformer. we still have our embassy there. despite all decries to remove him, we have sat on the sidelines and done nothing and said, we would like to see him leave. it is like stealing out -- fill ing out your bracket for the ncaa. this president, for every radical islamist, he has had nothing but appeasement. we saw that during the lead up to world war ii, appeasement. we saw that if you can just open up and negotiate with people, somehow this will work. ladies and gentlemen, learn from history, not just the history of world war ii. but the thousand year history before that. we need a president that will stand up to beat american public and talk about what is at stake. what is at stake is clear when you look at the situation development -- developments in iran. iran is on the precipice of developing a nuclear weapon. we need someone in the executive office and the oval office who has the courage of their convictions, who has the experience and the will to stand up and do what is right, to confront thi
time in the near future is a change in syria. iran has really only two allies left, syria and hezbollah. when assad steps aside which he most under doubtedly will do, iran will lose one of its last proxies in the world. and it will further focus the attention of the international community on what has to occur here and create some differing political circumstances that i think will help us to further isolate iran and make it pay a price for its illicit activities. >> thank you. >> senator casey, thank you. let me just say, i think we in the congress have a difference of opinion about a particular st step. but i want to assure my friend and colleague that on the issue of urgency i can attest that i can't think of any issue that is concentrating the minds of the administration right now more than this or at any other time. yesterday i was at the white house in a meeting about this technique topic. i know that the secretary of state and state department are as focused on it as can be. i don't think anybody has tphan illusions about the time frame or urgency. there may be differences about
visited roughly 50 countries, including pakistan, india, yemen, libya, syria, iraq and iran. between him and his wife janis, his family has been connected with the armed forces since 1918. i would like to acknowledge the presence of mr. melvin bledsoe who is seated directly behind mr. long. he testified this year. he is the father of carlos bledsoe who has been convicted of murdering mr. long's son. mr. bledsoe's presence here and in support of mr. long is a testament to how two fathers stand together in the fight against violent islamist extremism. thank you for being here today, thank you for your testimony back in march. now i am privileged to recognize mr. long for his opening statement. >> chairman, ranking member thompson, distinguished members of congress, since my son's death, my view of things have changed. i've lane awake to my life's night maver when she relives being 50 feet away while andy and quentin are shot. i was a career marine. my wife served in the navy, was honor bli discharged. our family has served various military branches since world war i. we have one son who se
's been on display towards israel. you combine that with the kerks that teheran has with damascus in syria and support for hamas and hetz bow la. and i say we've got you on a very lethal combination of elements that are playing out here. so as for me, i say the leadership in iran has already decided to go nuclear. i say they've looked at the world, they've looked at north korea and they said they're a nuclear power, maybe a handful of crude devices. they're really out of reach for most people. and they look at libya, which had a program they gave up in exchange for international friendships and alliances. look what happened there. and i think in teheran they're saying, we want the -- we want the leverage and the stature that being a nuclear power will bring. so we have to ask ourselves a central question -- can you live with a nuclear iran. if the answer is question yes, i think you'll have to look at the dramatic proliferation implications, including saudi arabia going nuclear. turkey, likely going nuclear. egypt, although we don't know what the leadership structure is going to look like
that with the connection that tehran has with damascus in syria and support for hamas and hezbollah, and i say that we have a very lethal combination of elements that are playing out here. as for me, i say the leadership in iran has already decided to go nuclear. a think they have looked at the world. they have looked at north korea. they have said they are a nuclear power. they are really out of reach for most people. and they look at libya, which had a program that they gave up in exchange for international friendships and alliances. look at what happened there. i think tehran as saying we want the leverage and the stature that be a nuclear power will bring. so we have to ask ourselves a simple question. can you live with a nuclear iran? if the answer is yes, then you have to live with the dramatic proliferation implications, including saudi arabia, turkey, egypt, although we do not know what the leadership structure will look like there anytime soon, but it does look like the strong backbone of the egyptian military will go nuclear. at that point, you have lost control. that is an unsustainable position
. and it is not just iran. it is syria, spain, portugal, everywhere. there are financial problems no one can handle and no one seems to know how to handle. this whole republican thing in iowa, the caucuses, it is beside the point. there's too much else going on. host: here is the front page of the des moines register. there is a shot of michele bachmann signing a poster. they say the bachmann crowd was small. the campaign shows flagging momentum. she drew smaller crowds than other candidates in campaigns tops. ron paul defended foreign policy views like doing away with preemptive military attacks. then they point out that romney takes it outside. to the left of the small blurbs is a picture that is making news everywhere. it is newt gingrich dabbing at it here at an event friday, something we had live on c-span. one analyst says the previous candidates have paid a price for crying. newt gingrich had a terrible moment when he talked about his mentally ill mother and the kinds of -- his mentally ill mother. it is one of the things i could make or break a candidate. how ita quick look at played out ye
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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